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Aries Season & Eclipses 2024

There’s a buzz in the air. A crackle of electricity. We can feel the storm is coming. Will we cower or rise to meet it?

Welcome to Aries Season, my friends. And welcome to Eclipse Season. 

I would wager that most of you are feeling some sort of shift. How it resonates for you will depend on your own personal astrological makeup. For people with significant Aries and Libra placements, and secondarily anyone with major placements in Cardinal signs, there is likely a feeling of something big brewing. If the nodes in your natal chart were in Aries and Libra, then this is a nodal return and will feel particularly momentous. But there are significant conjunctions occurring in Taurus and Pisces as well, so Fixed and Mutable placements will also be rattled. What Aries Season has in store is a series of challenging astrological moments that will leave us forever altered.

On March 25th, there will be a South Node Lunar Eclipse in Libra. South Node eclipses are an emptying out, and shake down, a refinement like a sculptor chipping away stone to uncover the true form within. 

On April 1st, Mercury will station retrograde in Aries. On April 4th, Venus will enter Aries. But all of this feels like a prelude to the main event: the Full Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. 

Even if we just looked at Aries, this is an impressive eclipse configuration: the Sun, Moon, and Chiron will be conjunct at 19 degrees of Aries, with the North Node close by at 15 degrees. Flanking this gathering is Mercury Rx at 24 degrees and Venus at 4 degrees. There is something about a core wound within us that is being aggravated and exposed, and yet it is this wound that points to our destiny. Will Mercury whisper the secret to our healing? Will Venus broker reconciliation? Is there beauty to be fashioned from the scars we have collected, some art to gift to the world from our hurt?

At the same time, Mars will be moving into a conjunction with Saturn in Pisces, which will be exact on April 10th. The thrashing drive to fight is stymied by some immovable force. Will we be ground to dust, or could the drive to act be given direction by Saturn’s measured restraint?

More still, Jupiter will be moving into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, which will be exact on April 20th, the day after the Sun enters Taurus. Can we see this as an unexpected, radical opportunity for hope? Does the bombastic clash of all this prior astrology culminate in a new and innovative path? Or is this the herald of a revolution?

Even though this astrology is loud, remember it will pass. Like the rainbow, Jupiter gives us hope of renewal after the storm. There isn’t anything you need to do and there is no cellar you need hunker down in. This is a moment of fate to be witnessed. Let’s stand together and see what will be born. 


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