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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aquarius (July 2021)

Tonight is the first of two full moons in Aquarius, occurring at 7:37 pm PT. On August 22, right before the Sun transitions into Virgo, it will again oppose the Moon in Aquarius. The occurrence of two full moons in the same sign is not particularly uncommon, happening every couple years or so in different signs. Aquarius, in particular, has seen a number of double full moons in recent years--in July and August of 2002, 2013, this year, and will again in 2032 and 2040.

What astrology allows us to witness is the cyclical nature of life. The same themes are revisited over and over in different areas of our lives--our family, our career, our partnerships, our creative practice, our psychological development, our physical health. As the luminaries and planets move through the sky and our charts, they draw focus to parts of our life and the lessons we are learning there. Each time the Sun, Moon, and planets return to that part of our chart, a new layer is pulled back, a new understanding revealed.

Full moons are a culmination of a cycle. They are the apex of the monthly lunar cycle, and astrologically, they mark the highest point in a cycle from the new moon in a given sign until its full moon six months later in the same sign. In the part of your life ruled by Aquarius, what began six months ago that is coming into fullness now? Thinking back to the summer of 2002 and 2013, consider what was going on in this part of your life how that similar energy is showing up between now and August 22. What new understandings in this part of your life were revealed from 2002 to 2013? From 2013 to now? From January 2021 to now? What new truth about yourself does reflecting on this part of your life over the last 19 years reveal to you?

Please read the horoscope for your rising sign. To figure out your rising sign, read this post about how to pull your birth chart. You might also want to check out my quick guide to the houses.

Aries Rising

Aquarius rules your 11th House of communities, patrons, clients, friend groups.

Who do you connect with? What groups do you identify with? Who do you want to work with? Who are your clients or patrons? How has this changed from summer 2002 to 2013 to now? What truths about your identity and values, and their evolution, does this reflection reveal?

Taurus Rising

Aquarius rules your 10th House of career and public life.

What about your career is being highlighted now? What new opportunities or shifts are presenting themselves? Looking over the past 19 years, how did your vision of your career change from 2002 to 2013 to now? What in your career is coming into bloom since January 2021? What truth about your own desires and what you want to accomplish in the world does this reflection reveal?

Gemini Rising

Aquarius rules your 9th House of philosophy, higher education (teaching or learning), religion, long-distance travel, and publishing.

What about your beliefs are being challenged, changed, or spotlighted now? Thinking back over your education or long-distance travel over the last 19 years, what were you curious about in 2002, 2013, and now? How has your curiosity changed? How have your ideals changed? What do you feel optimistic about? What do you have faith in? What truth about yourself is revealed when reflecting on the evolution of what you've learned, want to learn, and what you believe?

Cancer Rising

Aquarius rules your 8th House of shared resources/money, loans/taxes, collaborations; but also mental health, endings, death, and transformations.

What is yours and what is others? What do you owe to others? This house of shared assets is more than just money or objects--it is time and emotional capacity. This season and the times in 2002 and 2013 might have been particularly tumultuous for people in your life and put heavy demands on you (emotionally, monetarily, etc.), highlighting the extremes of what we owe to those we love or are in some way partnered with. Thinking back over the last 19 years, how have the dynamics in relationships evolved, especially from 2002 to 2013 to now, and especially in the idea of a balance of energy/resources and what you owe others? In reflecting on this evolution, what truth is revealed about what you need and what you must do to create equitable partnerships? Where do you draw the line in giving too much? When have you taken too much?

Leo Rising

Aquarius rules your 7th House of marriage and committed partnerships, including business partnerships and committed one-to-one relationships.

Who do you commit to? What does it mean to be committed? What kinds of relationships do you want in your life? When you think about your most important, most committed one-to-one relationships (romantic, platonic, business), what lesson were you learning about them in the summer of 2002, 2013, and now? What relationships are falling away? Which ones do you want to recommit to? What relationships are you looking to find? In thinking about the evolution of how you are in relationship with others over the last 19 years, what truths about yourself, your needs, and your behavior in partnership are revealed?

Virgo Rising

Aquarius rules your 6th House of daily work, employers/employees, daily schedules, tasks, and habits; also personal health.

What about your day-to-day work is being highlighted this season? How do you like to work? Who do you like to work for and who do you want working for you? What has been the evolution of your daily habits and schedules and how have they supported or hindered your physical health and your ability to achieve your personal and professional goals? Thinking back over the last 19 years, what revelations about your day-to-day habits and work or personal health occurred in the summer of 2002 and 2013 and now? By reflecting on this evolution, what truths about your most nourishing, supportive habits and rituals are revealed?

Libra Rising

Aquarius rules your 5th House of creative projects, children, and romance.

What do you want to bring into the world? Whether it's a business, an artwork, or a child, these Aquarius full moons are highlighting what you are here to create and manifest in the world. Thinking back to 2002, 2013, and now, what has been the evolution of your creative progeny? What have you learned about what and how you create? What is coming into fullness that was seeded in January?


Scorpio Rising

Aquarius rules your 4th House of home (physical home or the idea of home/origin), parents, ancestors and lineage.

What about your home, family, parents, and ancestors is being highlighted now? Thinking back to the summers of 2002 and 2013, and what is happening in your home life now, what new understandings are being revealed? What do you need in order to have a safe, nourishing home environment? What family drama has been unpacked? What ancestral wisdom or trauma has been faced? Thinking of the evolution of your relationship to family and home over the past 19 years, what truths about your ideal sense of home are revealed?

Sagittarius Rising

Aquarius rules your 3rd House of communication, ways of thinking, local travel, and local neighborhood.

What do you communicate and how do you do it? What do you have to share? What do you have to teach? These full moons in your 3rd House are activating your voice and ask you to express. Thinking back to the summer of 2002, to 2013, to now, what has changed with regard to how your share your voice? How you view your voice? What about you speaking up is being highlighted now? What is coming into bloom that was seeded in January with regard to your ability to speak up and speak out?


Capricorn Rising

Aquarius rules your 2nd House of personal resources, assets, how you make and manage money.

How do you make money and how do you manage your money? What do you value as an asset? What about this is being highlighted now? Thinking back to the summers of 2002 and 2013 to now, how has your relationship to money changed? In considering the evolution of your thinking about money and what has value, what is being revealed about what matters to you? What about your financial situation (whether positive or negative) is coming to a crescendo now from a beginning in January?

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius rules your 1st House of Identity, self, and physical body.

Who are you? These two full moons are spotlight you and how you've created your identity--and how it has been shaped by external forces. Thinking back to the summers of 2002 and 2013 to now, how has your sense of identity evolved? How is your thinking about yourself evolving? Who do you want to become? What aspects of your identity do you want to let go?


Pisces Rising

Aquarius rules your 12th House of unconscious programming and patterns, hidden or secret projects, and spiritual connection to Divine Oneness.

What are you learning about your unconscious habits, beliefs, and programming? What truth, previously hidden, is being revealed? Thinking back to the summers of 2002 and 2013 to now, what evolution of self-knowledge has taken place? What psychological excavations have been done and what have those journeys revealed? What is only just now becoming clear? What liberation can be found through an honest look into the darkest parts of your soul?


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