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Hi, I'm Allison Scott.



Book editor. 

Creativity midwife.



Living With Purpose

I believe that we are all here for a purpose, and that purpose is to be ourselves. To live out the fullest, most authentic expression of who we are, stripped of the masks and obligations society has foisted upon us.

In my work as an astrologer, I've heard from countless clients about how they feel they are not on the path, that they feel lost, uninspired, disconnected, and unhappy. Ultimately, what they are looking for—and I believe we are all looking for—is how to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. 


I used to think that finding my purpose was about identifying a task. What is that I should be doing? How should I fill my time? What should I create? What activities will give my life meaning? I’ve come to understand that identifying our vocation is the result of understanding our own true nature: What are our core traits? What motivates us? What inspires us? What makes us feel safe? Once we understand our nature and choose to live authentically, we can then identify the activities that feel meaningful for us. Even more glorious, I’ve found that the more authentically and intentionally we live, the more serendipity and luck we experience. It is as though, by shedding all that is not us and enthusiastically claiming our true nature, we can begin to co-create with the universe. It is then that we experience flow. It is then that our life is suffused with magic. 


The process of self-knowledge, acceptance, and authentic self-expression is the work of a lifetime, but astrology can be a tool we return to again and again to help calibrate us to a life of meaning and joy.


Conjuring the Muse

My work as an astrologer is also informed by my seventeen years' experience as a professional book editor, working with authors as a midwife to their inspired work. I believe that art has the power to change people. Art helps us empathize with others who are not like us. Helps us understand ourselves more clearly. It is through artistic expression that we shape our perception of reality and attempt to persuade others to change theirs. It is with art that we change the world.


Because of my passion for art, I offer astrology readings tailored to creatives. These readings are suitable for anyone because we are all creative, we all manifest our dreams and our will on the material plane, and we are all here for a purpose. Whether you're an author, visual artist, performing artist, carpenter, gardener, entrepreneur, community organizer, activist, or most likely a mix of many roles, I aim to help you reflect on what you are here to manifest, what inspires you, what hinders you, and how you can share your important creations with world.

You can connect with me on Instagram (@conjuringthemuse) and or book a one-on-one reading with me here.

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