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Horoscopes for the New Moon in Leo 2021

Image of a Leo and a New Moon

There is a seed within you. The warmth of the sun coaxes its potential out of its shell, germinating the creative force inside. Can you feel the spark of new life within you?

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Leo at 6:50 am PDT is that moment of germination. Some creative expression is being enlivened at this moment within you and over the next six months, as it grows, its nature and form will be made clear. But for now, this seed is beneath the soil, perhaps out of view of your conscious knowing. I encourage you to meditate on this seed of inspiration that the Leo New Moon is activating. Call it forth. Sing it sweet songs. Let it know you’ll tend to it, feed it, so that it can flourish. Over the next six months, until the Leo Full Moon in January 2022, allow yourself to be awed by the creativity being expressed through you.

Who knows how many seeds of beauty we have to express? Multitudes. May your creative life be a verdant garden.

And so it is.

To read more about how this New Moon is showing up in your life, read your New Moon horoscope below.

Please read the horoscope for your rising sign. To figure out your rising sign, read this post about how to pull your birth chart. You might also want to check out my quick guide to the houses.

Aries Rising

The Leo New Moon is a new beginning and rebirth in your house of creativity. Some new project has been seeded and will gestate over the next six months until the Full Moon in Leo in January. Your creativity, more so that any other rising sign, is about authentic self-expression. Bringing vulnerability and authenticity to your work is potent magic and is a meaningful contribution that you make to the collective. What new creative project are you committing to? How can you imbue your truth into that work?

Taurus Rising

Your house of home, family, foundations, and ancestry is experiencing a rebirth and renewal with this New Moon. What needs to be refreshed in your physical home to make you feel revitalized? How does your family, home, and lineage help you feel supported in your creative endeavors? With this New Moon, you may want to set intentions around creating a home environment that supports creativity and inspiration. Is there a safe haven you can construct where you can shine authentically in seclusion before building up to sharing your light publicly? Can you create a home environment that allows you to recharge so that you can commit yourself fully in your work?

Gemini Rising

You have a voice and people need to experience what it is you have to communicate—be it in writing, visual art, performance, podcasts, or at the PTA meeting. When you take the stage, people listen, they are drawn to your fiery, vibrant message. This Leo New Moon is a new beginning in your house of communication, encouraging you to find ways to share your message. Use your power of influence for good! Share beauty and wisdom, advocate for justice, or feel empowered to share your truth through your art. Use your rapier wit, Gemini, and shine.

Cancer Rising

There is a renewal occurring in your personal finances. How you make money and understand your worth is being revitalized. The skills with which you make money are intimately tied to you shining authentically, you sharing your story and your brilliance. Your energy and vitality attract others to you. Own that you are meant to be seen, to shine. Own this Leo aspect of yourself and your work. This may be particularly hard for you, sweet Cancer, because your heart desires to care for others. Can you see how your self-expression (be it in writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, leading teams at work, performance, visual artistic expression, being a loving parent) is healing to others? How it gives them permission to own their light and take up space in the world? You are being called to know your value and worth and embrace the power of your vulnerable self-expression.

Leo Rising

There is a New Beginning for you, Leo. A rebirth to who you are. What elements of your identity are falling away and what new you is being born? How have changes in you career and relationships over the last eight months revealed what you are truly passionate about? What new understandings have you come to about how you want to shine in the world? Have you been called to a stage? Can you commit to sharing your light?

Virgo Rising

There is a new beginning occurring in secret or about hidden things. Perhaps you are starting a new project that isn’t yet ready for public consumption. How can you nurture this new beginning over the next six months so that it can be ready to share with the Leo Full Moon in January? Alternatively, you may be working on a creative project that deals with unconscious material, archetypes, divine wisdom, and a sense of the mystic unknown. Does your art seek to perform this cosmic truth to shine a light on the nature of the world and human condition? This New Moon could also be the beginning of uncovering some nascent, unknown truths about yourself and your unconscious patterns. How are you committing to internal shadow work and understanding the hidden or abandoned parts of self?

Libra Rising

There is a new beginning germinating in your house of community, clients, patrons, and friends. You naturally shine in group settings and people feel drawn to the community you are building. Now is the time to set intentions around building the base of support your creative projects need. How can you commit to connecting with and cultivating relationships with you audience or clients? You shine in performance—how can you get in front of your people so that they can be drawn to your magnanimous warmth?

Scorpio Rising

Your career is experiencing a new beginning, a rebirth. You are being called to the center stage. You are meant to shine in your career and public role as an artist. Perhaps this has been challenging in the past or you often feel marginalized. What wisdom have you gleaned through your experiences about how you can best express your talents at work or publicly? Where have you received accolades and acknowledgment and how can you reinforce and build on that? In what kind of work and setting do you know that you shine best and how can you draw attention to those accomplishments? You don’t shine purely for applause. You are doing important work that makes a positive contribution, that inspires others to also shine and bring their A game. Watch out for feelings of hurt pride, not everyone will honor your contributions as they should. Don’t allow feeling underappreciated to sour your spirit. Your warmth and leadership is needed. You are meant to lead and shine, so work to understand the mechanics of rising to the top in your situation—demanding recognition rarely results in the desired accolades. Find the intersection of your excellence and your audience’s needs/desires. Through this connection, you’ll find find the recognition you deserve.

Sagittarius Rising

The New Moon in Leo is calling you to adventure—an adventure of the mind or the open road. While travel is still currently limited, you feel the call of the unknown and a yearning to learn and experience the wisdom of cultures beyond your own. Whether it’s a road trip, watching travel documentaries, or taking a trek through the astral plane, this New Moon encourages you to follow the calling of your heart to unknown lands, people, and philosophy. What do you want to see? What do you want to learn? What do you want to experience? Your creativity is fed by experience and beauty. What new adventures will nourish your creative projects?

Capricorn Rising

This New Moon highlights a fresh start in how you approach shared resources and assets, how you balance loans and financial partnerships, how you manage the emotional and physical energy you expend in your relationships. What warmth and generosity can this Leo energy impart to how you balance these shared resources? Do you need to more clearly define what is yours and what is others? What boundaries should be defined? Over the next six months, how do you your want to refashion your sharing of assets and resources to make you feel empowered, enlivened, and abundant? What resources do you need, or what rebalancing of resources (time, money, energy), is necessary to support your creative projects?

Aquarius Rising

New beginnings are being forged in your committed partnerships (romantic, platonic, and business). Perhaps whole new relationships are coming into your life, or opportunities for rebirth and renewal in your existing relationships. With this New Moon, what intentions can you set around showing up fully and authentically in your relationships? How do your relationships enliven you to shine generously, magnanimously, fully? In what ways can you support your partners to be their fullest selves? How do you make them feel safe to be honest and open? How do you allow each other to share the limelight?

Pisces Rising

This New Moon marks a new beginning in how you organize and conduct your day-to-day work and habits. Our creative work is a long game, made up of numerous individual days and activities. What daily rituals and routines support your creative work? What about them nourishes your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being? In what ways can you embody the warmth of the sun in your daily interactions? What optimism, light, and generosity can you embody every day?


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