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Mars-Saturn Conjunction in Pisces 2024

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

Welcome to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces. 

Today, Mars conjoins Saturn, which has been transiting Pisces since March of 2023. In the areas of your life correlated to Pisces (see the list of aspects of life affected by Rising Sign), Saturn has been demanding your attention. You’ve been called to be responsible, sober-eyed, perhaps restrictive. When you’ve strayed from the Saturnian path, perhaps been too extravagant or lax, Saturn has had to teach you a lesson. While it isn’t enjoyable to experience the celestial parenting of Saturn, there is a purpose. It is with the skills and discipline learned through the Saturn transit that a new venture can begin, and the Mars conjunction marks that new beginning. 

Every two years, Mars conjoins Saturn, starting a new Mars-Saturn cycle that features a square, opposition, a final second square, and then Mars makes the sprint around the Zodiac back to Saturn. This conjunction typically only happens once while Saturn is transiting a sign. This conjunction marks the beginning of some new, challenging endeavor in the part of your life correlated to that sign and House in your birth chart (again, see the list above for what parts of your life correlate with Pisces). That endeavor will experience recurring Saturnian check ins over the next two years.

Mars is about action, will, and striving. Saturn restricts, checks that the foundation is secure, the structure sound, the Ts crossed and the Is dotted. Often, this conjunction is described as grinding to a halt, but consider it instead an inspection. Is everything in order for you to kickstart this new challenge? Mars will only be in Pisces about 5 weeks (from March 22 to April 30) and only conjunct Saturn for a couple days. What I mean is the inspection isn’t interminable. Will it be challenging? Yes. No one likes to be audited, and Mars in particular isn’t keen on being stopped or questioned. But doing the work now to make sure all your ducks are in a row will pay dividends in whatever is starting for you. 

Think about the area of your life that this is affecting. How have you been forced to be responsible here? What restrictions have you felt? What challenges? What new endeavor are you beginning and how does responsibility in the Pisces parts of your life relate to that undertaking? During this conjunction, it should become clear what cracks need mending and what systems need updating. Don’t ignore this. Get things sorted, ideally by the end of April if that’s possible, so that you can get back to what Mars does best: winning.

Alternatively, this conjunction could mark a challenging struggle that will keep rearing its ugly head every few months over the next two years (sigh…I know).  The beauty of astrology is that when we can witness and understand the season of life we are in--especially when it is one of struggle--astrology gives us insights as to how best to manage the difficulty. And astrology reminds us that all things end, only to usher in a new beginning.


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