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Mercury Cazimi (April 2024)

With the clamor of the Aries eclipse and the Saturn-Mars conjunction, you may feel lost in a cacophony of competing energy. Have you felt it? The swell of energy, like something building? Or have you felt it like a compression and smothering? Or do you feel drained, as if your power has gone out? Depending on your unique astrological setup, the loud astrology we’ve been experiencing will hit differently and carry meaning unique to you. Today, there is a moment of clarity as to what that meaning is. 

The Sun has been continuing its trek across the sign of Aries, while Mercury—in its retrograde fashion—has been hurtling backwards toward the Sun. Today, at 22 degrees of Aries, Mercury entered the heart of the Sun. Mercury-Sun conjunctions—or Mercury cazimis— are moments of clarity and vision. Sun gods in many pantheons are correlated with the power of sight and oracular vision, including Apollo and the oracle at his temple at Delphi. Mercury is the divine messenger. Mercury cazimis mark times of divine insight. Taken in context with recent astrology, today offers a moment of clarity about what major beginnings or endings (eclipses) are taking place in your life and what significant obstacles require your attention before you can move forward (Mars-Saturn conjunction). 

Remember that astrological aspects aren’t just passing moments in time to be endured and forgotten. Astrology helps us witness (and forecast) the unfolding of our personal narrative. It connects with what has gone before and it is the next step in where we are headed. Today’s Mercury cazimi is the voice of the oracle, whispering in your ear, providing insight as to the purpose and trajectory of your journey. 

The Sun in astrology also represents your core essence. Your heart of hearts. It is the fire that burns within you, it is your passion and your vibrancy. It is the source of your vitality. In a world constantly telling you what to think and who to be, Mercury cazimis dispel the chatter so you can listen to your own heart.

What message did the oracle have for you today? What personal truth made itself known? What vision of the future were you gifted?


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