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Saturn Square Uranus: The Defining Astrology of 2021

The most potent astrology of 2021, hands down, is Saturn in Aquarius squariung Uranus in Taurus. A "square" is when one celestial body (a planet, the Sun, or the Moon) is making a 90 degree angle to another. A square is a contentious aspect, one of tension and friction. While this kind of astrology can be difficult and portend conflict and strife, it is also an aspect that speaks to necessary struggle for growth and advancment.

These two slow-moving planets will spend all of 2021 (and much of 2022) in a tight square, which is to say they will often be within 3 degrees of an exact 90 degree angle. Thus, this conversation of strife, conflict, and struggle between Saturn and Uranus will be the undercurrent of 2021, coming to the foreground when the two planets come into an exact square. They will make an exact square three times in 2021: February 17, June 14, and finally December 23. There will be a final Saturn-Uranus square in October 2022, marking the culmination of the struggles and lessons learned from this transit.

Uranus is the planet of upheaval, revolution, and unexpected change. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, order, responsibility, and discipline. Whatever part of your life is ruled by Taurus is experiencing a radical shift, while the part of our life ruled by Aquarius is applying Saturnian pressure to this radical change, forcing us to figure out what systems and discipline is necessary to make this change tangible and sustainable.

Read your brief Saturn-Uranus Square Horoscope below to see what all this means for you specifically. To dive deeper into how this transit is affecting you, and what it means for 2022 and beyond, you can book a reading.

Please read the horoscope for your rising sign. To figure out your rising sign, read this post about how to pull your birth chart. You might also want to check out my quick guide to the houses.

Aries Rising

How you make money and/or manage your money is experiencing a radical shift. Are you using a new skill set, especially new technology, to make money? Are you learning new ways to manage money or are new revenue streams coming your way? Making sure you have or are building a community of supporters will be essential to take advantage of the opportunities Uranus is sending you. What systems and tangible actions are you taking to cultivate your following, supporters, or client list? How are your friendships helping or hindering your wealth management or earnings?

Taurus Rising

Your identity is experiencing a major upheaval. This shift in who you are is tied to your career or public life. What maturity, responsibility, and systems do you need to cultivate in your career/public life to take advantage of the opportunities Uranus is giving you to revolutionize who you are and who want to become?

Gemini Rising

Uranus is bringing up a lot of unconscious material for you, forcing you to sift through internalized stories and patterns and figure out what needs to be processed and released. Saturn is challenging you to study and find the philosophies and teacher(s), mentor(s), and/or therapist(s) that will help structure this unpacking of your unconscious and facilitate your personal transformation.

Cancer Rising

Uranus is shaking up your friend groups and communities, causing you to question what friendships and groups you really want to be connected with anymore. Saturn is challenging you to have clear boundaries between yourself and others so that no party feels like they are dependent on the other or that one party is left feeling used and depleted (financially or emotionally).

Leo Rising

Uranus is revolutionizing your career and public life, bringing in unexpected opportunities. Saturn is challenging you to carefully consider who you partner with in business and to make sure the contracts you sign and commitments you make are ones you can fulfill. Evaluate career opportunities carefully and commit fully to those you’re most passionate about.

Virgo Rising

Your belief system is going through an upheaval. How you’ve viewed the world and your philosophy of life is being transformed. Saturn is challenging you to change how you actually live day-to-day in alignment with what you now believe, especially committing to habits that foster your health (physical, emotional, and mental).

Libra Rising

How you share money and assets is experiencing revolutionary or cataclysmic change. Perhaps your loans need refinancing, or you've been forging new financial partnerships, or how you share money, time, assets, or emotional capital with your partner(s) is experiencing a major shift. Saturn reminds you to prioritize responsible, organized creative output to maximize any positive assets coming your way—or to mitigate any potential loss of money/assets. What systems are keeping your creative output steady?

Scorpio Rising

Your committed partnerships (marriage, business, and/or committed 1-to-1 relationships) are undergoing a radical shift, perhaps due to big changes in your partner’s life. Saturn challenges you to create a safe, sturdy home to support the revolution happening to you, your partner, and your partnership. How can you create a firm foundation for this transformation, monetarily and/or emotionally?

Sagittarius Rising

Your day-to-day activities are shifting significantly in radical ways, especially the daily work that supports your long-term career goals. Saturn challenges you to network with your local community for support. You'll need to create systems of learning, teaching, and/or communicating that ground and facilitate this new daily work or habit schedule. Getting where you want to go in your career happens through the daily grind—how does your daily schedule facilitate your dreams?

Capricorn Rising

Uranus is shaking up your life either with radically new creative projects, or possibly new developments with the children in your life. Whatever radical shifts are occuring, they are putting demands on your finances—how you make money and how you manage it. Saturn challenges you to review, refine, and recommit to responsibly making and managing your money to support this new era.

Aquarius Rising

Your home is experiencing radical changes. Perhaps you've moved, renovated, gotten new housemates, or even discovered new revelations about your ancestry. Whatever the upheaval, you're being challenged to evalaute your sense of self and identity. Who are you? What baundaries do you need to enforce for your well-being? What outmoded ideas of self need to be released?

Pisces Rising

You're experiencing radical changes or opporunities in how you communicate, teach, or share your ideas. These new avenues of sharing and conencting require that you do the deep, difficult work of exavating your subconscious. Saturn challenges you to review and unpack your unconscious patterns and beliefs. Leave no rock unturned. There is wisdom for you to find—and share.


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