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Building a Container for Your Creative Work

As Capricorn season comes to a close, I find myself ruminating on how we can build the container we need to do our creative work.

Capricorn is the sign of rules, discipline, structure, and boundaries. Capricorn season reminds us that to create takes hard work, focused and consistent action, and structures to protect and foster that work.

While people often make resolutions at this time prompted by the Gregorian calendar’s new year, refocusing on what is important to us and making goals and plans are particularly Capricornian activities. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, one that initiates the new season (winter), but also which engenders a broader feeling of new beginnings, particularly for initiating long-term plans. As Chani Nicholas writes in her insightful new book YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS, “Capricorn initiates disciplined action in order to accomplish great feats. Through its ability to utilize the tools (earth) it has access to, Capricorn develops the self-restraint necessary to climb any mountain.” The energy of this season has turned our minds towards our goals and the necessary tools, structure, and yes, discipline and sacrifice necessary to attain those goals.

When it comes to your writing, what rituals and boundaries do you need to put into place to connect with the Muse and to do the work of writing? What do you have to give up in order to make space for your writing? Often people think of setting aside physical space and blocks of time for their writing practice, and that is definitely part of it. But also you need to create emotional and energetic space for creativity. There has to be a clearing away, a certain austerity, that makes space in your heart and mind to hear the Muse and for your imagination to play. What in your life has to take a back seat to your creative goals? How can you build thick walls around your time, space, energy, and mind? What cords need to be cut? What sentries put in place?

You might be afraid of the work and discipline necessary to create your great work, but there is such freedom in austerity--in a quiet room, in a blank page. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is finishing its transit through Capricorn this year, exiting the sign for good December 17, 2020. It won't return here for about 30 years. Saturn has been here since December 2017, putting enormous pressure on all of us to mature, to develop self-discipline, and to commit to our work. Though Capricorn season comes to a close in a couple days, you can utilize this Saturnian energy all year to commit to the work your writing requires. Jupiter has recently joined Saturn in Capricorn and will be here until the end of the year also, granting you luck and blessings amidst the hard work that Saturn in Capricorn demands.

This is your year to commit to the work. You can do this.


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