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Mars Enters Gemini: Rapier Wit & Creative Fortitude

Today, Mars—the planet of action, courage, and aggression—enters Gemini. The Mercury-ruled mutable air sign is known for creative thought, curiosity, and rules over communication. Here until April 23, Mars brings his sharp-edged spear to matters of the mind, which could result in razor-sharp repartee, keen-eyed editing, or incendiary arguments.

Since January 6, Mars in Taurus has been in a square with the MANY planets transiting Aquarius, but perhaps most notably Saturn and Jupiter. That aspect will show up differently for everyone depending on their chart, but the square is always an aspect of tension and conflict. With Mars in Gemini, it is now making a trine by sign to Saturn and Jupiter in the fellow air sign Aquarius. A trine is a supportive aspect. Planets making this aspect work in harmony.

In the domain of mind and communication (air signs), Mars trining Saturn can foster an energy of perseverance, keeping to deadlines, working tirelessly toward completion of a goal. Mars makes an exact trine to Saturn on March 21, which could be a good day to commit to a project or writing schedule that requires fortitude and structure.

Mars trining Jupiter is auspicious. Jupiter is expansive, generative, optimistic. Jupiter reminds us to have faith. Mars enables us to act on that faith and have the resolve to see it through. During this transit, and especially on April 16 when they make an exact trine, harness this energy to commit to your creative project, to believe in yourself and the value of your creative pursuits, and then to engage in them with the vigor of this archetypal Warrior.

With Mars in Gemini, ask yourself: what ideas are lighting a fire within you? What are you passionate about communicating? What spark can build into an inferno?


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