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Creativity in Pisces Season

Can you feel it? Rising from the depths of a vast and tumultuous sea, an unutterable, ancient truth rippling toward you like the shockwave of a distant tectonic calamity. You feel it on the periphery of your consciousness but cannot grasp it with you mind. To know it is to feel it. You must perceive it with the heart.

Welcome to Pisces Season.

Today, the Sun exits crowded Aquarius and enters the mutable water sign, offering us all a needed reprieve from the tumult of Aquarius Season. Here until March 20th, the Sun draws focus to the themes of Pisces and invites us to slip beneath the surface of consciousness. To melt into the collective unconscious. To merge with the boundless wisdom of the Universe.

Like all water signs, Pisces reminds us of the wisdom of emotions. What ineffable truths can only be known through experience? Only felt with the heart? The ruler of the 12th House in astrology, Pisces oversees that which is secret, hidden, unconscious. It is unbounded water, spilling out in every direction, touching everything and reminding us that separation is an illusion. The Sun joins Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces and the planet of dreams, visions, and illusions.

This season invites writers, artists, and all creators to get quiet and listen through the heart, through feeling. If you swim in silence, what rises from the depths?

For writers this can be especially difficult, and it is something I struggle with myself. Words are my medium to create and my lens to understand. I believe that words matter. But Pisces Season reminds us that there is a knowing beyond language. It is a beauty that poets capture obliquely in metaphor. They communicate it by creating a feeling within the reader. While the Sun traverses this slice of the sky, will you join me in feeling for the truths residing outside the bounds of language?


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