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Mercury Stations Direct in Aquarius: What Have You Learned?

Today, Mercury stations direct in Aquarius. Hallelujah! Since January 30th, the planet of communication and thought has been forcing us all to review the areas of life that Aquarius rules in our charts. Compounded by the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all also transiting Aquarius, and squaring Uranus and Mars in Taurus, this retrograde may have felt particularly brutal. Now stationing direct, we will hopefully experience some relief.

For writers, especially, the movement of Mercury through the sky and in relation to your birth chart is of particular import. When stationed retrograde, Mercury invites (challenges?) us to review our thinking and communication--and yes, that includes our creative writing. When it stations direct, we are called to integrate those lessons.

During this retrograde, what lessons have you learned about the content and methods of your communication? What have you learned about conflict? What challenges have you had to face over and over? What about your writing (content, process, style) has felt revolutionary?


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