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New Moon in Capricorn: Intentions for Writers

Structure, boundaries, stability, maturity, responsibility, sacrifice. These are the demands of Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn. Tonight’s new moon in Capricorn (occurring at 9 pm PT) reminds us to diligently, doggedly construct and maintain the boundaries and structures necessary for our success--especially in the part of our birth chart that is ruled by Capricorn.

There are many ways to work with transits and ways to interpret how the energy of the Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids influence your life--or can be harnessed as a means of personal growth.

One way that authors can work with astrology is to view new moons as a way to reflect on your creative practice. With the beginning of each new lunar cycle, you can reflect on a different part of your life (separated into the 12 houses of your natal chart and ruled by one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac), and ask yourself “What does my creativity need from me in this part of my life?” From the time of the new moon to six months later when the Moon is full in that same sign, how can you serve your creativity in this part of your life?

Here, I’ve offered a possible intention that you can set this new moon, based on which house Capricorn rules in your chart. Check out these posts to figure out how to pull your free birth chart and to get a quick guide to house meanings in astrology.

1st House in Capricorn

“I commit to the responsibility of my identity as a writer.”

The 1st House is our house of self. Of our identity. Often, writers struggle to claim their identity as a writer. Perhaps they feel they haven’t written enough, been published enough (or at all), to claim being a writer. No one else has called them a writer, so how could they be? Have you claimed your identity as a writer? What does that mean to you? What responsibilities are associated with that identity (e.g., dedicating time and energy to your work, creating boundaries with others to protect your work time, owning completely this part of your identity). With this new moon in Capricorn, reflect on your identity as a writer and consider how you can commit to being more structured, dedicated, and serious in your ownership of this identity.

2nd House in Capricorn

“I commit to developing the skills of my craft.”

The domain of the 2nd House is your money, how you manage and the skills with which you make it. In this earthy sign of Capricorn, this new moon asks authors to cultivate the skills of manifesting their creative works into being. What skills do you need to develop? What courses do you need to take? Over the next six months, until the full moon in Capricorn in June, what skill development does your work require?

3rd House in Capricorn

“I refine the form and structures of my communication.”

The 3rd House governs all forms of communication and therefore is an essential house for writers to become intimately familiar with. Your communication style is Capricorn in nature: authoritative, driven, solid, success-oriented, structured. What is the form of your writing style? What is your manner of self-expression? In what ways have you embodied this Capricorn style in your writing, and in what ways have you denied it?

4th House in Capricorn

“I protect the sacred boundaries of my home and rest.”

For writers with the 4th House in Capricorn, this new moon invites you to consider your home, to consider how you rest and recharge, and what boundaries you need to erect to protect the sanctity of your home in service of your creativity. Does your home need to be cleaned? Do you need to cleanse its energy? Do you need solitude? Do you need a cleaning routine that each member of the household participates in? What home environment does your creativity require? What rest?

5th House in Capricorn

“I manifest my creativity in the container it requires.”

The 5th House is the house of creativity itself. It is the spark of inspiration and the energy within ourselves that we manifest out to the world through our creative production. A Capricorn 5th House demands tangible creativity, structured creativity, and a methodical approach to the manifestation of your work. It demands excellence. Your creative process requires structure and discipline--how can you dedicate yourself to that this new moon?

6th House in Capricorn

“I commit to the habits and schedules my work requires.”

This is the house of daily habits and rituals. Yes, creativity is a melding of inspiration and serendipity, a co-creation with Spirit, but it is also a grind. This new moon in your 6th House asks you what schedules, habits, checklists, and routines do you need to put in place to get shit done.

7th House in Capricorn

“I review my relationship boundaries to support my work.”

Our committed relationships can help or hinder our creative production. Capricorn asks us to be firm in our boundaries with others. Everyone isn’t entitled to your energy all of the time. You have to safeguard your energy in order to write and produce the work you are called to make. The new moon in your 7th house asks you to reflect on what you need out of your relationships to best support your work and for you, in a mature and self-possessed manner, communicate those needs to those you’re in relationship with.

8th House in Capricorn

“I lean into the transformation my work requires.”

The 8th House is a weird, dark, and fertile house. It covers many different parts of life, but for a writer, I’d say use this time to reflect on what needs to be transformed. What in the world needs to be transformed by your work? What in you needs to be transformed in service of your work? The 8th House teaches us that life and death are constant and necessary. As a plant grows, dies, and fertilizes the ground for new growth, so too do parts of us grow, die, to feed the new us that is becoming.

9th House in Capricorn

“I explore the philosophies I am called to.”

The 9th House is about the wisdom that we seek, and also the wisdom and philosophies that we are called to. Sometimes, when we are lost in the minutiae of life and the daily grind, we sideline the importance of our own learning. In expanding your knowledge of the world, your creative projects are enriched. The Muse calls to us through various means, one being a spark of interest for a new avenue of inquiry. To begin down a path of study has the ability to open a whole new world of passion and creative pursuits. What knowledge (spiritual, secular, academic, artistic) do you feel called to dive into?

10th House in Capricorn

“I own the public nature of my creative aspirations.”

The 10th House is the house of career and public life. It is what we do in the public eye. Of course it is perfectly glorious if your writing is for yourself, but for most authors there is the hope of an audience--if also somewhat of a fear of it. Use this new moon in your house of career to own that desire for an audience for your writing. Stand firmly rooted in it. Don’t feel ashamed of wanting notoriety and for having ambition. Capricorn energy is driven to success, climbs to the top of the mountain, and in this 10th house position, claims its rightful place in the spotlight. Own it.

11th House in Capricorn

“I cultivate the community that supports my creativity.”

No writer is an island. We are all part of communities, from fandoms to political parties. What communities support your creativity, rather than obstruct it? Even in this age of isolation, find the online communities that nourish your creativity. Writers’ groups, philosophical groups, groups of people engaged in self-development and similar creative pursuits. Cultivate the community in which you can grow.

12th House in Capricorn

“I embrace the creative force of my deepest secrets.”

The 12th House is one shrouded in mystery. It rules that which is hidden--what we hide from ourselves (in our unconscious mind), what is hidden from us (in the collective unconscious and unseen realms), what we hide from others (secrets, fears, our shadow selves), and how we can sometimes be hidden (in prison, in a convent, in our houses during lockdown). Often, we ignore what is hidden in the 12th House, but in looking at the shadow self we suppress and hide away, we become a whole person. We become multifaceted instead of the palatable, two-dimensional persona we construct for public consumption. Look at the truth of yourself and embrace the creative potential there, no matter how ugly, horrid, or frightful.

May these intentions help you focus the energy of this new moon, for this lunar cycle and until the full moon in Capricorn in June.

Wishing you many new moon blessings and all the will and fortitude of Capricorn to bring your creative project into being.


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