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Full Moon in Aries 2023

There is an energy to begin. To act and accomplish. To lead. To trailblaze. Like a canon ball, you’re launched forth with fire and violence. You’re unstoppable.

Happy Full Moon in Aries.

Full Moons mark the fruition of something that began six months earlier, during the New Moon in that same sign. This year’s Full Moon in Aries on September 29th is made all the more potent and important because we experienced TWO New Moons in Aries (on March 21 and a total eclipse in Aries on April 19). That eclipse in Aries in April also marked the beginning of a two-year eclipse cycle happening in Aries and Libra. What this means is that the areas of your life that reside in Aries are going to be experiencing a lot of change over these two years and this Full Moon is giving you insight into the theme of those big changes.

Review the image above to determine which areas of your life are being impacted by the Full Moon in Aries (please read the areas of life next to your RISING sign), then consider:

  • What new ideas, hopes, or fears came up for you in these areas of life in March/April this year?

  • What is happening now in those areas of life related to those ideas/hopes/fears? Are things falling into place to support your dreams? Are you having to face your fears?

  • Thinking about what is happening for you now in these areas of life, what can you anticipate is going to be the theme of your Aries eclipses?

For example, if you are a Cancer Rising, then Aries houses your career. What dreams, fears, or new ideas began to take root in March/April of this year with regard to your career? In the last six months, what has transpired with relationship to those dreams/fears? What serendipity is helping you? What challenges are impeding you? What lessons does it feel the Universe is trying to teach you? How might you see these changes playing out until the last Aries eclipse on March 29, 2025? What intensions can you set and work can you put in to make the best of the astrological energy activating this part of your life? How can you take care of yourself during the upheaval, pain, and grief that may be happening? What support and courage do you need to face your fears?

Let me know how this Full Moon is hitting for you!


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