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Taurus Season 2024

Welcome to Taurus Season, friends! Today, April 19, the Sun moves into Taurus and it feels like a breath of relief after the tension and struggle of Aries Season. There’s a lot of upcoming astrology to discuss, but the most important thing to note is that we’ve made it through the most challenging astrology of the year and now are heading into some of the most positive astro weather of 2024. Taurus season offers us a sense of ease, but also evolution.

Transits in Aries

To kick off the Taurus Season, we first have to check in with what transits are finishing up in Aries. In the aftermath of the upheaval of the Aries eclipse conjunct Chiron on April 8, the Mercury retrograde is helping us to review what we’ve learned. Mercury will station direct on April 25, shifting us from introspection to integration, aiding us in problem-solving and forward-moving thought. 

Venus is still transiting Aries, which may show up for you in a few different ways. She  could be a soothing balm to the wounds the eclipse exposed. Perhaps Venusian pleasures or artistic expression are the modes of healing most potent for you. Alternatively, Venus conjunct Chiron on April 21 could expose the ways in which we are wounded by relationships, or the wounds we carry with us that adversely impact how we relate to others. 

Check out the image Aspects of Life in Aries to see what aspects of your life reside in Aries and have been most impacted by the major astrology of Aries Season, this continuing Mercury retrograde, and the Venus-Chiron conjunction. Mars will also enter Aries April 30 until June 9, bringing fiery, initiatory action to this part of your life and perhaps also conflict or separation. 

Transits in Taurus

Swiftly, though, Venus will ingress into Taurus and, empowered in her home sign, will sweeten the general vibe and bless any placements you have in Taurus (happy birthday to my Taurus Sun folks!).

The major story of Taurus Season, though, comes right at the outset. On Saturday, April 20 at 7:27 pm PDT, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 21 degrees of Taurus. Uranus has been transiting Taurus since May 15, 2018. Uranus represents revolution, radical change, and doing things in new and innovative ways. Despite the radical nature of Uranus, the transit is a slow 7-year trek. The revolution isn’t happening overnight. It sneaks up on you. There has been an unfolding of radical change in the parts of your life contained in Taurus (see the image Aspects of Life in Taurus

to find out where this is affecting you). Over the last year, since Jupiter entered Taurus in May 2023, you likely have experienced an expansion or acceleration of this innovative way of doing things. Perhaps you’ve experienced some luck in this part of your life or a renewed sense of optimism. 

This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is in many ways a culmination of all of the change that’s been percolating in this area of your life. Uranus will continue transiting Taurus until July 2025, but between the Taurus eclipses of 2021-2023, the Saturn-Uranus Square of 2021-2022, and this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the major astrology of this transit is complete. It’s a good time to reflect on how far you’ve come in this area of your life since 2018. What feels revitalized? Innovative? New and changed in unexpected ways? 

Other Transits

Another transit that deserves an honorable mention this Taurus Season is Pluto stationing retrograde in Aquarius. Pluto is retrograde about half the year, so its retrograde motion isn’t something we feel as loudly as, say, the inner planets. It does tend to pull focus to its global meaning when it stations retrograde or direct, so we might see some Pluto-in-Aquarius-themed activities out in the world related to AI or technological innovation. 

For individuals, though, this will be felt most keenly by Aquarius Rising, Sun, or Moon folks, especially if you have your Ascendant or the luminaries in the early degrees of Aquarius. Take note of what themes come up for you when Pluto stations retrograde and direct to get some insight into how this 20-year-long Pluto in Aquarius transit holds in store for you.


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