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Horoscopes for Jupiter in Taurus (2023-2024)

On May 16, 2023, Jupiter—the planet of luck, expansion, learning, philosophy, and healing—entered Taurus, where it’ll remain for the next 12 months. Jupiter will multiply and grant good fortune to whichever House it is transiting. To figure out how to pull your chart and identify which House is occupied by Taurus in your chart—and therefore which House Jupiter will be transiting—read this post. Once you know what House in your chart is being transited by Jupiter, check out what that’ll mean for you below:

1st House (Taurus Rising): This is the house of self, identity, and body. This Jupiter transit is all about you. This will be a year where you personally feel lucky, where you feel capable of taking up more space, and where your notions of self-concept evolve and expand.

2nd House (Aries Rising): This is the place of your money and how you make money. It could mean your money multiplies, that you get new income streams (helloooo side hustle), and/or get a financial windfall. It might also mean you take some courses to expand the skillset you need to make more money.

3rd House (Pisces Rising): This is the house of communications, so Jupiter will be multiplying and blessing your communications. Want to start a TikTok? A podcast? Write a book? Negotiate deals? It’s going to be a chatty year, so what do you have to say?

4th House (Aquarius Rising): This is the house is home and family. You may be adding people to your household (family members or roommates). You may physically expand or add on to your home. You might move to a new home or city. You may add people to your family, or find some healing or luck in your immediate family.

5th House (Capricorn Rising): This is your house of creativity and children (the creation of our bodies). You will feel VERY creative this year and have an abundance of ideas. Allow yourself to be open to inspiration and worry about which project you should dedicate your time to later. This year is about being open to the myriad possibilities. This could also mean luck with your kids or, if you work with children, that expansive Jupiterian luck may extend to your workplace.

6th House (Sagittarius Rising): This is the house of your day-to-day work, habits, and health. You may be VERY busy, with lots of work coming in. What structures do you need to do everything you want to do? It’s an auspicious year for taking care of your health and focusing on your wellness journey.

7th House (Scorpio Rising): This is the house of committed partnerships—romantic, platonic, or business. You could be starting a new relationship, having an auspicious year in your relationships, getting new clients and/or closing business deals. Who do you want to partner with?

8th House (Libra Rising): This is a complex house. On one had, it's the house of shared assets and resources. This transit could mean luck and expansion in the form of getting a business loan, your spouse getting a raise, and just more resources available to you. It's also the house of mental struggles, grief, and loss. Jupiter is a planet of healing, so this may be a year to look to your mental well-being or where that is a theme for people close to you.

9th House (Virgo Rising): This is the house of learning, teaching, writing, and speaking. It’s a year where you may be called to learn or to share. You’ll feel the itch of curiosity and inspiration to share what you know. It’s also the house of long-distance travel, so you may find yourself called to far-flung places. It is the house of spirituality and philosophy, so your pull to learn may lead you on a spiritual quest.

10th House (Leo Rising): This is the house of career and public life. Everything in your career will feel lucky and expansive. Give effort to the work that you feel most called to do and it’ll be supported and multiplied. You may find yourself more in the public eye. Lean into it--Jupiter has your back.

11th House (Cancer Rising): This is the house of friends, clients, fans, the patrons that support your art, and the groups you identify with (political, social, etc.). One or all of these groups will expand over the next year. If you are looking to grow your fan base, client list, or friend group, this is the year to put in effort.

12th House (Gemini Rising): This is the house of secrets and hidden things. Jupiter transiting this house grants you luck on the things you are working on behind the scenes—those projects that aren’t ready to be shared with the world or projects that are just for you. It’s also a great year to connect with your spiritual side or to engage in psychological healing.


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