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Mercury enters Libra 2023

t’s time to shed the armor. Lay down your sword. Or else perhaps it’s time to let go of certain fronts and focus on the battles that truly matter.

Welcome to Mercury in Libra.

A Mercury transit will bring thoughtfulness, communication, and incisive problem-solving to whichever areas of life it is traversing (see slide 2). But there are other players in Libra at the moment: the Sun, Mars, and the South Node. The interactions of these celestial elements weave a story of conflict and justice.

On Oct. 4, the same day Mercury enters Libra, Mars conjuncts the South Node. The South Node represents an emptying out or a shedding. Mars, the planet of conflict and aggression, coming together with the South Node in Libra, the sign of equality and justice, speaks to a releasing of some war you’ve been harboring. Sometimes it’s a losing battle we must let go. Or perhaps you have been wearing yourself thin focusing on many fronts. Around October 4, what insights are you getting about what battles you need to abandon, and perhaps what fights for justice you need to double down on?

The South Node will be busy this Libra Season, hammering home what it is you’ll need to be shedding—perhaps now or perhaps giving insight into the theme of the Libra South Node eclipses that’ll be happening for the next year.

On Oct. 14, we’ll experience our first Libra eclipse of this Aries-Libra eclipse cycle. Mercury will then conjunct the South Node on Oct. 18, followed by Mercury conjuncting the Sun on Oct 19. All of this speaks to insights regarding this South Node emptying out in Libra.

Look at the image below and figure out what area(s) of life are being impacted by this Libra astrology for you (look at the areas of life listed next to your Rising sign). On these key dates I’ve listed, perhaps journal about what is being emptied out of this part of life. What battles do you need to walk away from? What narratives of justice or injustice in this area of life are being revised or let go? What no longer serves you?

There may be loud and substantive outcomes of this astrology in your life this Libra Season, or it may just be an inkling of the changes and lessons to come during this eclipse cycle. Let’s watch and see how it unfolds.


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