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New Moon in Virgo

Amidst the cacophonous racket of life, the confusion of Mercury retrograde, and the aftermath of Venus retrograde, we are given a moment of stillness in which to find understanding.

Happy New Moon in Virgo.

The last couple months have been a time of deep review during the Venus and Mercury retrogrades. But such reviews are not usually relaxed, cerebral exercises—no. We are thrown into situations and confronted with people that bring to the fore what we most need to see. What we most try to ignore. What was perhaps buried so deep in our unconscious that only turmoil will enable us to see ourselves clearly. If you’ve gone through major changes or faced exhausting challenges—I see you. And luckily, the tides are changing and forward motion is once again possible. Venus has been direct since September 3, now gaining speed, and Mercury is about to station direct tomorrow on September 15. With this New Moon, we are granted a breather. A moment of silence in which to hear the truth of our inner voice. In which to hear the call of the Muse.

What epiphanies have you had since July 22 and especially over the last couple weeks? What old patterns are being thrown in your face? What old wounds reopened? What buried grudges have resurfaced? What have you realized that allows you to move forward in ways not possible before?

What creative projects have been on your mind? What passions have been calling? What pleasures do you long for? What do you have renewed energy to pursue?

Virgo allows us to interrogate challenges with laser-like precision. Virgo untangles the jumbled morass of emotions and tired narratives we are trapped by, finds us the right solution, brushes away the superfluous mess holding us down. Today, find a moment to reflect on how the Universe has been calling to (or yelling at) you these last couple months. What truth can Virgo help you see? What new beginning in dawning?


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