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Venus enters Virgo 2023

On October 8th, 2023, after four months, Venus finished her lengthy tour through Leo and heads into Virgo. The lessons of Venus in Leo—including the introspection and review of Venus retrograde—are now coming to a close. While the changes and epiphanies experienced during that transit may have long ranging implications in your life, for now, that area of life is getting a break.

Whereas Venus in Leo is happy to receive adoration, to attract, to connect, to shine, Venus in Virgo has a different energy altogether. Virgo is a sign of precision and perfection. Virgo has a discerning eye that can feel a bit like the Eye of Sauron when it turns its gaze on you—boring into your very soul. Virgo looks for weaknesses and errors, for what must be fixed or thrown out. This earth sign can be rigid and exacting, and as such is often seen as a place where Venus struggles (Venus is said to be in its fall in Virgo). And it is true that Virgo energy in Venus’s domain of relationships can lead to conflict and hurt feelings. Always looking for our partner’s weaknesses is not the pathway to Venusian harmony.

But there are many ways in which Venusian excess, pleasure, and aesthetic prowess can be directed by Virgo’s structure. Venus in Virgo is an art critic, is a book editor, is an interior designer, is Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. There is a refinement to Venus in Virgo. Venus is Virgo has impeccable taste.

Here until November 8, Venus in Virgo will bring this refinement and discernment to the relationships, pleasure, and/or creative endeavors in the area(s) of your life residing in Virgo (check the image below to see which areas of your life are being influenced). How can this energy support your goals in this area of life? What dangers might arise from Virgo criticism and how might you head them off?


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